Sliding Scale

Pricing. That inconvenience many of us would prefer not think about. It kind of takes the fun out of creating art when it's your profession, but it's hard to sew clothing if I'm working as a barista or driving uber (no one wants me driving them anywhere, promise).

When I calculated the costs for my garments (fabric, time, shipping, and much more) my insides cringed. The prices I should be charging felt (and still feels) gross. But making a high quality product costs more, giving the type of service I want to give takes more time, and using organic fabric costs more.

I've said this before because it's absolutely true- if I didn't need to make money (like if I was independently wealthy, oh the joy!) I would still be doing this. I would make all my friends, family, and your godmothers cousin that I've never met clothing because I love doing it. Every Christmas you'd say, "Oh wow, another shirt from Erika." And eventually you'd have to tell me to stop, you don't need any more shirts.

Since this is my island and I can make up the rules as I go, that's what I'm doing. The prices you see listed give a range, and you get to choose what is within your budget. There are no judgements on what you choose to pay, either way you are supporting my small business. Here is how it works:

Supports my time to sew your garment, covers materials costs and shipping.
Includes profit, allows me to grow my business (i.e product development, hiring). 

I know this doesn't make my clothing attainable to everyone. It can be tempting to cut costs by using lower quality fabrics, or outsource to a cheap facility overseas, but that just adds to the pile of problems in the fashion industry and I'm not about that. If you have any questions, please ask! Thanks for being here, your support means a lot.