How a New Design Comes to Life

1) Sketch up an idea of what I want to create

2) Create the first draft of a pattern based off of this idea

3) Sew a sample of garment based off of the pattern I made

4) Bring the sewn sample and pattern to Stacey the Pattern Engineer I work with

5) She uses her expertise to edit the pattern so it fits perfectly 

6) She digitizes it, and creates a printable pattern after her edits are applied

7) I pick up the new pattern, cut it out, and make a new sample garment

8) I try it on and test it out, making notes if any additional edits are needed

9) Repeat the last three steps if changes are needed

10) Once we have a perfected sample, Stacey will grade the pattern

11) Once graded, she digitizes the pattern and prints off all sizes for me

12) I pick up my finalized patterns and trace them onto heavy pattern paper 

13) I cut every pattern out and mark it up with notes and details for sewing

14) Punch a hole in it and hang it up in my studio. It's now ready to be used!
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