What are the benefits of shipping with USPS?

Shipping with USPS is a more sustainable way to ship because everyone already has a USPS mail carrier coming to their home daily. Rather than add a special stop from another carrier for just one package, adding the package to a USPS route that already exists makes the most environmentally friendly sense.

An additional benefit to shipping with USPS is that they offer free mail hold (not all carriers offer this). This means that if you order something and then realize you'll be out of town, you can put your mail and package deliveries on hold while you're out of town. No more worries about package theft from your porch! They will deliver accumulated mail when you are back home.

You can also sign up for daily emails that show you what mail and packages you have coming that day. Mail is scanned in as it arrives to the post office, and you can see in you email inbox what is coming to your house that day. You can sign up for a free USPS account to access all of these services on their website.
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