Thoughts on change

Hello there! I've been thinking a lot about change recently, and wanted to share my thoughts in hopes of it resonating with others.

In life, you can always make a change. It might be scary, you might not know what’s on the other side, but it’s always worth a try. Your future self will thank your past self, even if the outcome isn’t what you were expecting, because you’ll be proud of yourself for trying something new. Move, change jobs, make new friends, put yourself out there. Feel stress sometimes! Not all of the time, just a little bit here and there to know you’re still alive. Be okay with not knowing what’s going to happen. We don’t ever really know what’s going to happen anyways, we just tell ourselves we do for the comfort it brings.

Nothing has to be forever, you can just wake up one day and say, I don’t feel like doing this anymore, and proceed accordingly. It might take time for the change to happen, but you'll get there. I felt very stressed when I was working on selling my previous business, Portland Apron Company back in January, but I also knew I really needed a change. It would’ve been easier to ignore my inner voice and continue with PAC because it was a sure thing. But then I would’ve died a slow, sad little creative death everyday doing something I didn’t want to do anymore. The same goes with leaving Portland four years ago and moving to San Diego. Will I live here forever? I don’t know. Will I make clothing for Botanical Clothing forever? I hope so, but again...who knows?

Rest assured, I do believe there are some things we can count on to not change. For example, I know I will always love sewing. That is fact. I also know I will always love vanilla ice cream. I'm sure there are quite a few things you can think of that help you plant your feet solidly on the ground knowing they will not change.

Life is really long and really short. We did not come all this way to spend our lives in obligation doing things we don’t want to do, or spending time with people we don’t want to spend it with. We’re all here for a unique reason, don’t waste it. 
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