What are the benefits of hemp fabric?

What are the benefits of hemp fabric?

Hemp oh hemp, how I love thee. Hemp is the GOAT (that stands for Greatest of all Time, if ya didn't know) of textiles. It is by far the most environmentally friendly fiber out there because it literally grows like a weed (but it's not, like weed weed), requires little water, no pesticides, and pulls carbon out of the atmosphere as it grows (aka carbon negative). It's the fiber that gives back. There are, in my humble opinion, no drawbacks to hemp fabric. Creating beautiful fibers AND making the world a better place? I don't know why everyone isn't using it. 

Hemp is a bast fiber (fibrous material from the stem) similar to flax (linen), but it grows faster and taller. It has a tall bushy canopy that chokes out weeds, and it's naturally insect resistant, which is why you don't need pesticides to grow hemp. Unlike much of industrial farming done in the US and around the world, growing hemp actually improves soil health. And soil health is important because soil is not just some brown stuff on the ground, it's a living ecosystem that supports life on this planet. Depleted soil = depleted...everything. So, case in point, growing hemp is really helpful to the planet and all it's inhabitants.

And even if you don't care about any of the above, hemp just makes really nice fabric. It's extremely durable (can we bring back the passed down heirloom pieces please?) while still making beautiful clothing that has that floaty essence. It's breathable (you skin is your largest organ, LET IT BREATH) and it will keep you warm in cold seasons. I'm starting to sound like my mother but for realz- why is anyone still wearing polyester (ahem...petroleum oil) clothing on their body? I can see the response to that question being the cost of purchasing hemp clothing, and I understand that. If price is an obstacle, try shopping second hand for 100% cotton clothing. Or linen. Or maybe you'll get lucky and find something made from hemp.
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